Important Final Matters


I sincerely hope that this course on the Old Testament has been helpful for you. Before you go, please return to the survey you did at the beginning of this course, but before you do, please read the instructions below because this survey is not as user-friendly as I would like.

If you received an email from the survey, please go to it and use the link it contains. If you do, you should have no problems. If you need to use a user name and  password, use the link below, but DO NOT CLICK “CONTINUE” WHEN YOU GET TO THE WELCOME PAGE. Instead, on the first page you see, click “load previous survey” on the top right. I really need you to complete this survey. If you do, you have helped me a lot. Thank you.

If these instructions don’t help and you still have trouble continuing the survey you took before, you can try again on a different device or take the second half by following this link. I won’t be able to match your answers with those you gave at the beginning, but it will still help me. Thank you very much.

Once you have finished the survey, the teacher says you are free to go 🙂

Continue to read the Old Testament and grow closer to the God it reveals. As I said at the beginning, this project is part of me finishing my doctorate. Once I have done with that, I will begin to post more lessons on various topics such as how to understand the Prophets, Wisdom, and Poetry, topics related to the theology of the Old Testament, and tips on reading particular books of the Bible.